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Exeter Cathedral Portfolio of Janice Lyall Paintings

A new portfolio of cathedral paintings and art prints by conservation artist Janice Lyall is now available in the Myndblue Gallery online store. The vibrancy of the Exeter Cathedral paintings reflect numerous visits throughout all seasons over many years.

'I have always been struck by how Exeter Cathedral stands in the midst of the City with its welcoming stone facade and how its citizens congregate for short breaks, coffee, picnics or just to read a book in its glorious surroundings. Exeter cathedral has witnessed many colourful processions throughout its history and I will never forget watching the numerous colourful sides of Morris Dancers swirling in the sunshine with faces beaming with delight. I am sure some of the watching stone figures would have joined in, were that possible.

At one time, Exeter Cathedral was painted on the outside in very bright colours, with choristers singing out behind the carved figures. What a spectacle it must have been!'

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