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Paintings by Janice Lyall, including details of Art Classes and Workshops



Paintings and Art Prints by:

Janice Lyall

Heritage & Conservation Artist & Published Author



Special art themes include:


Cathedrals, Historic Buildings,  

Industrial Heritage,

Inland Waterways (canals & rivers),

Natural Landscapes, Wildlife & Fauna, Countryside Heritage, Performing Arts Heritage,

Engineering and Innovation Heritage. 



Janice supports many conservation organisations through her eye-catching artwork and aims to raise their profile to the public, by organising special art events and exhibitions within communities.


Janice also runs Art Groups, Art Workshops and Art Classes. Please contact her to join an Art Class.


Please follow her blog



phone: +447884 266947

Visit Myndblue Gallery at:


6a Double Reynolds Warehouse, The Docks, Gloucester, GL1 2EN, England, United Kingdom




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