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Coventry Cathedral Paintings


Coventry Cathedral Paintings by Janice Lyall, Myndblue Gallery


All Coventry Cathedral paintings were created by heritage & conservation artist Janice Lyall.


Prints and cards are available in the online store.

Coventry Cathedral a New Spring

Coventry Cathedral a New Spring

Painting of the new Coventry Cathedral and the remains of the old Coventry Cathedral Acrylic Painting by Janice Lyall

Coventry Cathedral After the Storm

Coventry Cathedral After the Storm

The ruins of the previous Coventry Cathedral that was destroyed in WW2.

Brief History of Coventry Cathedral by Janice Lyall



The first cathedral in Coventry was originally founded as a Benedictine priory of St Mary's in 1043 by the Saxon Earl Leofric of Mercia and his beautiful and pious wife Lady Godiva. It became a Cathedral in the 12th century, but was later dissolved in 1539 by Henry VIII.


St Michael's was designated as a Cathedral as recently as 1918, but was destroyed in the blitz of November 1940 and today stands as a testament towards forgiveness and reconcilliation.


Coventry Cathedral was rebuilt as the new Cathedral solidly appended to the remaining stonework. Its dramatic, modernist architecture, so very different to that of St Michael's, shouts out even more loudly of colourful, simplistic, rich transformations from new beginnings. The past is not forgotten...., life moves on.


It costs around £4000 each day to keep the cathedral and the ruins open to visitors and receives no state funding for this.

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