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Worcester Cathedral Paintings


Worcester Cathedral paintings by artist Janice Lyall, Myndblue Gallery.


Prints are available in the online store

Worcester Cathedral by the River

Worcester Cathedral by the River

Worcester Cathedral on a sunny afternoon beside the river. Archival print of an Acrylic painting by conservation artist Janice Lyall

A Brief History of Worcester Cathedral

The present cathedral building was built in 983 by St Oswald, to replace an earlier building founded in 680.


It was a Benedictine monastic cathedral, being an important learning for Theology, medicine, law, history, mathematics, physics and astronomy. The monastery was dissolved by Henry VIII.


The building was badly damaged in the Civil War and most of the restoration was carried out by the Victorians.


It costs £3,500 per day to keep Worcester Cathedral open to the public and it receives no funding from the Government, nor charges fees for entrance.



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