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About Myndblue Gallery



Myndblue Art Events, Exhibitions and Art Workshops


Myndblue Gallery exhibits specially created artwork at venues close to conservation projects and organises related Art Events, such as conservation themed art workshops and informative, exhibition launches. The aim is to increase conservation awareness and to engender active support and participation within local communities, (whilst having fun)!


Heritage & Conservation Themes


All conservation themes are considered, however preservation of historic buildings related to cultural & industrial heritage, inland waterways and the protection of the natural environment for the benefit of future generations, is of huge, current interest.


If you would like Myndblue Gallery to support your conservation project, please contact us.



Your support is much appreciated


Myndblue Gallery welcomes your support and any feedback you can give.  Please 'like us' on our facebook page









Ethos &  Background


Myndblue Ltd is a small, successful project management company delivering project services to help organisations move towards a sustainable future.


In 2013, Myndblue Gallery was formed to raise awareness of conservation projects to new audiences, through the creation and sale of eye-catching, contemporary artwork of paintings and prints.  In 2017, Myndblue Gallery opened its first physical, permanent gallery in the historic Double Reynolds Warehouse within the Docks, Gloucester. 


In 2017, Myndblue Publishing was formed to produce lively, read together storybooks for children and informative history books for older readers.



Conservation Artists & Authors


All artists and authors working with Myndblue share a passion for the natural environment and have a strong desire to protect cultural heritage.


Artists study a theme, then create their individual interpretations of it using a variety of media in exciting and vibrant ways.


All artists working with Myndblue Gallery gain delight from working within local communities.


If you are interested in working with Myndblue Gallery, please contact us.


Conservation artist  and published author Janice Lyall has already produced many vibrant Cathedral paintings and art prints and is eager to support other historic buildings at risk. She is currently working on a portfolio supporting inland waterways.

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