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Special exhibition of watercolours of Gloucester Cathedral

A new exhibition of vibrant and lively watercolour paintings of Gloucester Cathedral is being set up in Myndblue Gallery. Two of these paintings are currently being exhibited in museums in Gloucester.

The paintings are part of a collection being created by Conservation Artist, Janice Lyall. Further paintings will be added to the collection soon.

Janice is inspired by the exquisite architecture of Gloucester Cathedral, with its beautiful stained glass and intricate stonework. She has painted many views of it over the past few years. Her favourite places are the spatial Lady Chapel with its tribute to past organists and the cloisters.

Gloucester Cathedral was originally a Benedictine Abbey built in 1089 in the Romanesque style, it was consecrated in 1100 and re-founded as a Cathedral in 1541.

It costs £43,000 per week to maintain access to the public and receives no government funding for this.

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