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'Rich Diversity in Gloucestershire?'

Early Morning on the Lake painting by Janice Lyall

Exhibition of paintings by artist Janice Lyall, Gloucester Guildhall concourse, March 2017

Gloucestershire’s landscapes enable wide diversity of both resident and migratory bird populations.

In winter we amaze at the perseverance of Bewick Swans to escape frozen Siberia and in spring we feel uplifted by the spiralling swifts, swallows and house martins that evade sweltering Africa.

Our rewards?

Plumage and flight patterns provide rich beauty and inspire our designs. We awake to the enchanting dawn chorus, enjoy tuneful daytime chatter and tweets and wonder at shrill calls carried through the night air.

We are exceptionally fortunate to have WWT Slimbridge, the Barn Owl Centre, the local RSPB, numerous wildlife trusts and sanctuaries, considerate farmers and landowners to help sustain the vital habitats our birds depend upon.

Our own gardens play a crucial part too - thank-you for feeding the birds!

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