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'Throughout the Seasons'

Janice Lyall painting of Autumn Colours of wooded landscape beside water

New exhibition of Janice Lyall paintings in the gallery at Gloucester Guildhall during June 2017.

It’s not surprising that typical topics of conversation in this country are about the weather, or the ‘nights closing in’. Even in this temperate climate, we experience considerable changes in our lives dependent upon the seasons, the time of day and the weather.

How do you capture a scene on a flat canvas that encapsulates the beauty of a landscape in all its guises? Is it possible to say that we have ‘been there, done that, bought the T-shirt’ and so don’t need to go there again? Perhaps.

Is a mature tree in its Autumnal colours less attractive than a sapling bursting forth it’s leaves in Springtime? Is a tower rising from the mist less atmospheric than a hot sunny picnic?

Always so much to appreciate!

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